Monday, October 31, 2016

The Cheapest and Important Thing To Have In A Car

The Humble Rag
Car companies and service centers will usually recommend a lot of must-haves for everyday driving which could range from expensive items to the most outrageously priced. No doubt many of them are spot on, while others are just tad excessive.

Some folks take their preparation to the extreme and pack their compartments full. Others are also guarding against the consequences of an earthquake by keeping a few gallons of water stashed in their minivan.

However, if the most paranoid driver has jumper cables, a tool kit, a tire-pressure gauge, and all the other stuff the gearheads say they should have on hand, there is one item that is absolutely necessary: a rag.

Yes folks, a humble rag. Unlike the others items, it serves many purpose. Best of all, this is an item that for most people will be 100 percent free, because rags are often headed to the garbage.

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