Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One Classic Cool Bike From Honda

Honda CB1100
Automotive giant Honda just lifted the cover off the spiffy CB1100 RS, which adds a second variation to the existing CB1100 EX, and provides a more sporty option in the expanding retro bike class that has become trendy the past few years.

The basic In-Line Four Cylinder engine and steel frame chassis remains the same on the EX and is used in that form on the RS model but the RS offers a more aggressive caster angle (dimensions were not provided just yet) and sporty bars. This change goes hand in hand with the 17-inch cast aluminum wheels, radial mount front brake calipers, beefier suspension and sport-oriented tires.

The RS, with its seamless, sculpted tank, leather seat and molded side covers is intended to revive the racy heritage of the CB models of the past. Whether it’s on paper, in photos or in person, the RS looks great and we expect that this bike in particular may be a hit with the old-school Honda fans back in the states in particular.

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