Friday, October 7, 2016

Most Popular Halloween Costume is Here

Tranny Granny
There is a reason to have a fun Halloween party and it all boils down to what costume you are wearing. This year, some retailers were trying to get the most appropriate one in the market that attracts attention, but one costume stood out.

It is called "Tranny Granny" costume that Walmart and Amazon just pulled from their respective websites because some loudmouthed social justice warrior complained that it offends them.

Good thing it is still available in many retailing sites who stood their ground on their right to distribute and sell the highly-anticipated costume. "All the guys will be dressing up as superheroes and princes, but you will stand out among the rest in this hilarious Granny Men’s Costume!" the costume description read.

Included in the costume is a white tank dress covered in colorful flowers with a pink collar. It also has a "curvaceous butt and boob pads to complete the look." Additionally, this particular granny "wouldn’t go anywhere without her pink babushka with flower design headband to keep her hair perfectly in place." To top it all off, "slap on some makeup and get ready for your granny walk and you will have the room roaring with laughter!"

The costume was listed in the marketplaces by a third-party vendor called Rasta Imposta. And while it's supposed to cost US$ 64, buyers this early are getting a steal at just US$ 25. In some sites, the costume is listed as "Manny Granny".

Right now, anybody can get their "Tranny Granny" from and Hurry! Get one now before it becomes a collector's item.

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