Thursday, October 27, 2016

It All Boils Down To Viscosity

Synthetic Motor Oil
There is no doubt that synthetic motor oil is much more superior compared to ordinary or conventional motor oil. Even new car owners knew that it is probably mandatory per the owner's manual. Full-synthetic oil is one of those things that's gone from smart car maintenance advice to car dad folklore. The reason for this is simple.

There is a visual explanation available online courtesy of Jason Fenske where the ins and outs of synthetic oil was clearly shown. It all boils down to viscosity, or how well the oil flows.

It should be noted that cold oil is thick, and it moves slowly. That low-temperature flow problem gets worse and worse with every mile whenever the driver puts on their oil, so that by the end of their 5000-mile oil change interval, oil behaves very differently than it does when new.

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