Monday, October 10, 2016

Hershey's Holiday Treat Will Become A Popular Staple

This early, Hershey's is already preparing for the sweet palate that will dominate the Holiday season. The company already release Reeses Pieces-stuffed Big Cups and birthday cake-flavored Kisses, but they plan to follow that up by introducing another new product to its lineup. Based on early testing, it's poised to be the most popular candy the brand's ever launched.

The new product line will be called a Cookie Layer Crunch bar, and it comes in three flavors (and multiple sizes), in case sampling three layers of sugar in one treat isn't enough variety for you. There's the Mint variety, which tastes like a mash-up of Thin Mints and Andes mints, with its layers of chocolate cookie bits, mint creme filling and dark chocolate coating; the Caramel flavor, which combines shortbread cookie bits and gooey caramel in milk chocolate; and the Vanilla Creme, a mix of chocolate cookie bits, a frosting-like vanilla creme and a milk chocolate coating.

They'll be sold in four sizes: a two-piece bar (like the Take5 bar), a King Size with three pieces, an XL Bar featuring five pieces, and a 9-piece bag of individually wrapped bars.


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