Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sony's Two New PlayStation Consoles

PlayStation Neo
Reports indicate that Sony is planning to introduce a redesigned version of its standard PlayStation 4 (PS4) along with a higher-end PlayStation 4, codenamed "Neo," during a press event on 7 September. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sony revealed the existence of its PS4 "Neo" back in June, but the redesigned PS4 is a new development.

As Polygon and Kotaku point out, the redesigned PS4 popped up in a listing on the online classified site Gumtree. When Twitter user @shortman82 bought the new PS4, the folks at gaming site Eurogamer were able to get some quick time with the new console.

The new PS4 looks like it will be the latest entry in Sony’s "slim" line of PlayStation consoles. Sony usually rolls out a slim version of its PlayStation system a few years after the company debuts the original version of the console. Previous slim models included the PlayStation 2 slim and PlayStation 3 slim.

Slim models are generally more compact and offer more austere aesthetics than their predecessors. Naturally, they're also less expensive. That's incredibly important considering that the upcoming PlayStation 4 "Neo" will likely be a pricey prospect for many consumers.

Microsoft already sells a slimmed down and updated version of its Xbox One, the Xbox One S, for US$ 300, which is US$ 50 less than the current PlayStation 4. Expect the PlayStation 4 slim version to cost about the same as the Xbox One S.

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