Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pink Will Always Be For Cute Girls

Pink Girl
Pink has been criticized by some feminists as a color ow weakness and should not be associated with girls and women. Fortunately, nobody is taking the seriously which is why pink has helped put a spotlight on Ruby Lair when she was born.

A video of Ruby's gender reveal went viral a year ago when her mother fell to the floor upon learning that, after six boys, she was finally expecting a girl.

Now Ruby and her family are still making headlines after her girly, first birthday party had even brothers Jackson, 14, Campbell, 11, Sawyer, 8, Houston, 6, Shepherd, 5 and Knox, 3, tickled pink because she's a girl.

"Houston said he was terrified of all the pink at the gender reveal. He was the one that ran away," mom Cher Lair of Apex, North Carolina, told ABC News. "He sat under a table for the rest of the night and was like, 'Don't let anybody talk to me.' [Now] he thinks she’s so pretty. He says, 'Oh, mommy, she's so cute.'

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