Friday, September 2, 2016

Fatties in Bikini Is Still Grotesque

Fatties in Bikini
Last 4th of July, Instagram feeds were flooded with people in swimsuits. It doesn't matter whether they are actually going to the beach, hanging out by a pool, or just in someone's backyard with no actual water to be found.

What was this year new is that "social justice warriors" and "political correct" police were busy promoting the unhealthy lifestyle and unattractive bodies of fat people who are begging for some unwanted attention, including celebrities.

This trend of fatties parading themselves on social media mostly naked would be funny if it wasn't so unpleasant. Just as some people revel in their flatulence as 'natural,' hence, they do not hesitate to inflict it upon others in crowded and private spaces, humans of all dimensions and grotesque configurational aberrations seem to feel that they are striking a blow for human rights by pushing themselves into the faces of innocent bystanders. For example, the Ms. and Mr. Naturals who stick their bare feet between the seats to rest them on their fellow traveler's armrest or on the top of the other person's headrest when traveling in an airliner.

Such people are not oblivious to the offense they give; they take pride in it. Minor celebrities like Amy Schumer can less and less rely upon suggestive off-color #$%$" humor to maintain their fame, so they participate in these narcissistic self-love causes to keep a high profile on social media, with a touch of "social movement" self-righteousness thrown in at the last moment, like a dash of black pepper added to soup just before serving.

Honestly, if you really want to see things like this, just go shopping in a Wal-Mart on a summer day.

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