Thursday, September 8, 2016

Facekini Is Making Waves In China

France may have banned the use of burkini in their beaches for security and cultural reasons, but in China, a swimsuit that covers the whole body and the face is is in high demand.

The "facekini" has been popular attire on beaches in eastern China for several years, especially in the city of Qingdao, a seaside city of 9 million.

The skin-tight elasticated fabric masks cover a swimmer's entire head and neck. Holes are cut for eyes, nostrils, mouth and, in some cases, pony tails. Most facekinis cover up the rest of the torso as well.

Zhang Shifan says she's the inventor of the facekini and has sold them on Taobao - China's equivalent of Amazon - since 2007. She also has a brick-and-mortar store.

The garment was originally designed to protect people from jelly fish bites.

"Suntan protection was a secondary feature but now it's the major appeal to my customers," she adds.

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