Monday, August 8, 2016

Nobody Would Have Guessed Her Age

Risa Hirako
Risa Hirako is a famous model in Japan not because of her work but because she did not looked she has aged a day over 20 years old.

The 45-year old Hirako is now taking that fame and used it to create an internet storm.

Looking at her photo above, nobody would immediately say that she is already 45 years of age. No wonder everyone on the internet is going crazy.

According to Hirako’s Instagram page, one of the secrets to her ageless appearance is a steady diet of almond milk, fruit, and honey.

Apparently she posts tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle on her blog, but it still doesn’t quite add up. She is a freak of nature in the nicest possible way.

Clearly, she looks amazing and 100 percent younger than age 45.

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