Friday, August 12, 2016

Miss Bumbum Is Brazil's Pride

Miss Bumbum
Aside from the Olympics, there is another competition in Brazil right now that is causing a lot of traffic. The annual Miss Bumbum is now a source of national pride in the South American country with hundreds of women from across the country eager to apply, but only 27 are chosen to compete for best butt.

While the world's best athletes compete in the Olympic games in Rio, the Miss Bumbum contestants stopped traffic in Sao Paulo.

One contestant said if Miss Bumbum were an Olympic event, Brazil would always win gold.

"Definitely, Brazil would win lots of gold medals. Every year since the Olympics began, we would win gold because Brazil is known for the prettiest bums in the world," Erika Canela, Miss Bumbum contestant, said.

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