Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How To Chant "Ehhhhhh, Puto" Properly

Ehhh, Puto!
Everyone who are familiar with soccer or football in South and Central America knew that the chant is coming. Early this year, the Venezuela keeper Dani Hernandez prepared to take a goal kick during his side's Copa América match against Mexico, and down came the chant from the terraces: "Ehhhhhh, puto."

The Mexican phrase translates as "FAGGOT" and sometimes refer to male prostitutes. It is one of the most remarkable chant in football's colorful history in the Americas. In the context of a football game the word is undoubtedly used as an anti-gay chant used to relay a powerful message: gays not wanted.

From a fan perspective, football is a place where industrial language and playful repartee can freely exist. No amount of 'social justice' warrior's interference can change what fans wants to convey in this free world.

It is also true that puto can also mean a "FAGGOT" or a fool. If some people are offended, soccer fans don't care. Fans want vulgar words. Fans don't care if you call them 'ignorant,' which is fairly relative. If you don't want to listen to the 'puto' chant, go watch ballet, tennis of chess tournaments.

In the meantime, this is the proper way to chant "EHHHH, PUTO"!

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