Thursday, August 4, 2016

Good Thing No Open American Gay Athlete in the Olympics

The Olympics will start this weekend in Rio de Janeiro and the American are again favored to dominate major events. One reason for the overall dominance of the American men is actually because nobody there wants to be labelled a gay.

It's a distraction and a useless political declaration that nobody in their right mind wants to hear over and over again. besides, most of the other athletes from other countries find the gay lifestyle deplorable and disgusting, hence no reason to promote it at all.

For some pro-gay groups wants their fellow centaurs to declare to the rest of the world that their horns are as soft as clay, then they better train their body and join the national team. Otherwise, they better shut up and let true athletes and physical specimen of various sports compete.

Americans who publicly announced that they were gays before the actual games started include equestrian Robert Dover, equestrian Guenter Seidel and diver Patrick Jeffrey (faggots really like to ride horses, huh?). What happened to them after the Olympics? Nothing. Many athletes are avoiding them like a diseased unicorn and puke endlessly at the sight of them touching their competitors.

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