Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gigi Hadid Defends Her Svelte and Sexy Body

The Sexy Gigi Hadid
Almost all people find healthy and thin women way more attractive compared to their fat, bulgy and obese counterparts. This is a fact that everyone agrees with, but some are to scared to express it for fear of reprisal from some 'social justice' warriors.

This is the main reason why models, like Gigi Hadid are conscious about what they eat and how they exercise to keep those fat in check and maintain a active lifestyle. The star is only four years removed from her high-school volleyball days, which caused her to pack on some bulky muscle mass. But now, the statuesque model is devoted to her boxing routine, which builds lean muscle and has trimmed down her nearly 6-foot physique in the past year.

However, in this no-so perfect world, there are always somebody from the minority voice who just can't help themselves and give way to their internal jealousy hormones. Reacting to a photo Hadid shared days ago of her svelte figure in a window reflection, one commenter, who probably has an eye problem, accused her of being too skinny and trimming her once bulkier frame "to fit in" — in the weight-obsessed modeling world.

Ever the vocal healthy and sexy body advocate, Hadid struck back in a lengthy post aimed at the offender below:

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