Friday, August 5, 2016

Cuban National Team Will Be Turning Heads

Cuban Team
Everyone know that the Cuban national team will will several medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics Games. But in the rarest possibility that they don't, one thing is certain, they still emerge victorious in their style and fashion.

The Cuban sports delegation will be turning heads with their official nonperformance gear this summer, thanks to shoe designer Christian Louboutin and’s Henri Tai who co-designed their outfits.

For the global launch, hosted by actor and former Olympic athlete Pedro Lima, they chose the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, as a port city that, for Louboutin, has a similar feel to Cuba and Rio de Janeiro.

"There's that same beautiful light. I wanted to bring the Cuban athletes somewhere that had a similar ambiance to Rio, and where they wouldn’t feel [too far in spirit] from their own land," said Louboutin, who has a house in Lisbon as well as a small beach house just outside of the city.

The designer plans to head to Rio de Janeiro midway through the Games, which begin on 5 August and run through 21 August. He’ll also attend the closing ceremony, which will see Cuba's athletes parade in his and Tai’s designs.

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