Friday, July 22, 2016

Will Sony Release The New PS4 Soon?

The New PS4 Release Date
There is a new rumor about the upgraded PS4 (PS4.5, PS4K, Neo, or somesuch) out there pointing to the device’s projected release window.

According to statements from French video games distributor Innelec Multimedia translated by, the Neo will be releasing in the first half of Innelec’s financial year, putting the date somewhere between April and September, likely towards the later side of things.

Ultimately, the Neo is a big deal for Playstation, but it might not end up being as big a deal as PSVR. Sony, with its approachable price point and existing install base, is well set up to take all this momentum currently assigned to the Oculus rift and run with it: the Rift had a difficult launch due to manufacturing concerns, but somehow it is doubtful Sony will have quite the same struggles.

All in all, it’s a big fall for Sony. The hype train officially gets moving at E3 next month, when everyone will hopefully get concrete details to go along with all this speculation. The Neo is a bit of a gamble, reportedly offering increased visual fidelity for all the same games that will run on the base PS4, something particularly interesting for this nascent field of VR.

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