Monday, July 4, 2016

Threat To Gaming Industry - Its Fans

game Developer
An article from reports that the greatest threat to the video game industry may be some of its most impassioned fans. Increasingly, game developers are finding themselves under attack by some of the very people they devote their lives to entertaining. And this growing form of gamer-on-game-developer cyber harassment is starting to take its toll.

Developers, both named and those who wish to remain anonymous, told that harassment by gamers is becoming an alarmingly regular expected element of game development. Some developers say the problem was among the reasons they left the industry, others tell that the problem is so ubiquitous that it distracts them from making games or that they're considering leaving the industry.

The problem has become so pronounced that International Game Developers Association executive director Kate Edwards tells that the organization is looking into starting support groups and that while the harassment isn't yet having a major impact on game development, "we're at the cusp of where it could."

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