Sunday, July 17, 2016

This Teen Bra Is Getting Too Much Attention

Teen Bra
How can a bra get this much controversy in England? Are there no new matter-of-life policies the Brits can ponder for now instead of trying to decipher if the teen bra is too sexy or not?

The bra in question, which retails at Matalan for £4, features a plunging neckline and molded cups and is underwire-free. It’s available in white, nude, and black. Though the bra may look like a fairly modest option for adult women, displeased parents went ahead and reported it to the Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse and Domestic Violence, Sarah Champion.

Champion agreed, saying, "[The bra] is sold in the 2- to 13-years-old section on the Matalan website. [Parents were] concerned that the bra was too sexualized and totally unsuitable for a young girl. I bought the bra to see for myself. [...] The sale of clothes like this contributes to the sexualization of children. [We are] extremely worried that this item could be used in abusive images of children."

The brand has denied the allegations that it was "too sexualized" — saying that the bra's padding is there only for modesty's sake, and not to enhance a young girl's figure. "We purposely ensure that our girls’ bras are not sold to specific ages but are sold in sizes,” a spokesperson explained. “They have been developed following customer feedback that girls want bras to protect their modesty at this sensitive age. The bras in question are not padded so as to enhance cleavage but are a smooth molded shape to act as a modesty and comfort layer."

They are currently still for sale online.

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