Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Retail Power of Trump Fashion

When Melania Trump addressed Republican convention-goers last week, the white Roksanda Illicic (wedding) dress she wore sold out nearly instantly.

So it’s no surprise that on 22 July, Ivanka Trump — who addressed the convention and introduced her father the evening before wearing a design from her namesake collection — tweeted out the details of her look, complete with links of where to buy.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Elizabeth Holmes points out, not only is the dress that Ivanka tweeted out not an exact replica of the one she wore, it was also linked to an affiliate shopping link, a tech-savvy move that lets her earn a commission on sales on the item being linked to when bought through that link as well as any item a buyer purchases from a retailer whose site is visited through such a link.


In other words, the mother and businesswoman is set to see earnings rise through the sale of her almost-replica dress and through anything curious shoppers might buy after ending up on the Macy's site in pursuit of their own not-quite-matching version of her dress.

And incidentally, the Ivanka Trump dress was also sold out on Macy's site.

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