Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Comic-Con Fashion is Pure Sexiness

Comic-Con Sexiness
Aside from Harley Quinns, Harry Potters, stormtroopers, and superheroes fashionable head-turners highlights Comic-Con at San Diego a few days ago. Brie Larson, who was announced as Captain Marvel, wore an emerald green jumpsuit from Gabriela Hearst; Margot Robbie’s trench coat dress from Monse with Louis Vuitton booties could have come straight off the runway; Zendaya looked adorably overdressed in a Kenzo ensemble; and more.

Every female actor that is not overweight at the convention are just astoundingly beautiful. Even Tilda Swinton’s dark green suit was a particular high note.

For those who screamed about diversity and sexism in Hollywood because female stars were wearing "carper-ready ensembles" while men were just in casual street clothes, that is a load of absolute nonsense. Some of those women would never dress like that on a real Hollywood red carpet. Larson's first outfit is hardly high fashion. Lea Michelle opted for more of a trashy street corner look and Christina Milian looks the most casual of anyone, male or female.

If the women choose to wear smart casual dresses or get even more dressed up that's up to them, but it's not a formal event that needs it. Some of the guys would probably love to be able to wear something light and airy like a little dress to comic con panels instead of jeans.

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