Friday, June 10, 2016

Xbox One Scorpio Being Developed?

Xbox One Scorpio
Sources revealed to that Microsoft will release a new, more powerful version of the Xbox One (code named Scorpio) in 2017.

This is not really surprising after Xbox head Phil Spencer strongly hinted at an upgraded Xbox One several months ago. And with all the rumors floating around about a PlayStation 4.5, it seems inevitable that the industry will be hearing new gaming hardware from all of the major console makers much quicker than anyone expected.

This signals a major shift in the video game industry, which has always progressed through "console generations," periods of five or more years between new, better hardware. The Xbox One Scorpio and PlayStation 4.5 would be "half-step" consoles that extend the current console generation indefinitely.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer envisions a future for Xbox that looks like the iPhone. New models are introduced over the years, but they maintain compatibility with the games and apps that came before.

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