Thursday, June 23, 2016

USMNT Undergoes a Soccer Clinic Courtesy of Argentina

Messi and Argentina
The semifinal win, 4-0, of Argentina against the lackluster United States team was one of the most watch sports event last 21 June. The American audience was treated to an amazing display of ball control never before seen or inherently possessed by any USMNT since they joined the Copa America tournament.

More importantly, it proved two lingering points that the American public denied for the longest time. First, anybody who questioned why Argentina is ranked number 1 in FIFA world rankings is delusional. Second, all the previous games of the USMT before they battled Argentina were merely illusions.

What makes some people think that the U.S. team made strides? Because they beat a Costa Rican team that has gone through a coaching carousel in the last year and a half with 3 coaches during that time, not to mention they were without their best goal keeper for the tournament in Keylor Navas? Because they barely beat a Paraguayan team that is a weak CONMEBOL team? Or because they beat Ecuador, even though that is a team Mexico has beaten quite handily in their last couple of meetings? Yes, the same Mexico team that lost 7-0 to Chile and beat the U.S. 3-2 in the Confederations Cup qualifying match. That same Mexico cruised past Ecuador in their last couple of meetings.

Messi made sure to burst the delusional bubble surrounding the USMNT in this one-off tournament to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the South American championship. The reigning Ballon d'Or winner set up the first and final goals and scored one of his own on a spectacular free kick to lead Argentina to a resounding and convincing victory.

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