Sunday, June 5, 2016

Crossovers and SUVs Command More Brand Loyalty

Jaguar Land Rover
According to IHS Automotive, SUV and crossover (CUV) owners have the highest rates of brand and model-style loyalty in the US. Nearly two thirds (63 percent) of owners who bought a new car between January and March 2016 bought another crossover or SUV. Only 53% of sedan owners replaced like-for-like over the same period.

"We continue to see the SUV/CUV segment reaching record registration volumes in the US market," said Tom Libby, manager, loyalty and industry analysis with IHS Automotive.

IHS puts this increased loyalty down to increased competition. Demand for utility-style vehicles is growing, so car companies make more rugged-looking models and the greater choice attracts even more buyers to this model style.

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