Monday, May 30, 2016

Lil' Kim Is Black No More

Lil' Kim
Rapper Lil' Kim explained back in 2000 that she'd always been told by men — "even the ones I was dating" — that she wasn't pretty enough. And she had done something about that.

After years of plastic surgery and progressive skin-bleaching — and who knows what she's done to her hair — she's not black anymore. As far as the former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant is concerned, black is just not beautiful.

For anyone who doesn't know Lil' Kim, she isn't a teenage Instagram model. Born Kimberley Jones in 1974, she’s one of the most successful female rappers the world has ever seen. And, assuming it matters, she used to be a black woman.

The female rapper has long been the subject of speculation that she has undergone plastic surgeries. In 2005, she told radio personality Angie Martinez that she got her nose fixed.

"It don't bother me because I told you, I'm beautiful," Lil Kim said. "I love myself. ... People think I did it because I had low self-esteem, but that wasn't the case. I think I did it because I was a little too vain."

Some observers have reiterated that Lil' Kim did not choose to be a role model for young women of color. Hence, she does not care what they think as long as she is comfortable and happy with what she is doing.

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