Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cartridges for Nintendo's NX Console?

Nintendo's NX Console
Rumors report that the hotly anticipated Nintendo NX games console could return to using retro-style cartridges in favor of discs.

A report from Taiwanese site Money-Link suggests that Macronix, Nintendo’s long-time maker of ROM chips, is increasing production later this year leading to speculation that it will be producing cartridges in time for the NX launch in 2017.

Macronix has been Nintendo’s chip supplier as far back as the days of the legendary N64 console and also produces the cartridges used in its handheld 3DS device.

Using cartridges instead of discs would enable Nintendo to make the incoming console smaller and lighter than rivals like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

The fact that Panasonic, which usually provides disc drives for games consoles has made no mention of working with Nintendo on its new console backs up the claim that cartridges will be used instead.

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