Thursday, May 5, 2016

An Under Armour Ripoff from China

Under Armour
The latest ripoff coming from China involves not the latest gadget, but a bold attempt to mimic the American brand Under Armour. The Chinese version is called Uncle Martian.

The brand was announced a few days ago, and its Weibo account just set up last 29 April.

The company behind Uncle Martian is a 25-year-old sports shoe manufacturer, Tingfei Long Sporting Goods Co. According to its government records, it has some 800 employees and is based in southern China's Fujian province.

Tingfei Long's general manager, Huang Canlong, gave an interview to a local paper a week before Uncle Martian's launch, in which he said the company would like a slice of the branded shoe market that U.S. firms like New Balance and Under Armour have a hold over in China.

Netizens on Weibo are tweeting about the brand's likeness to Under Armour, and many are slamming Uncle Martian for its lack of creativity. Some said it should expect a copyright infringement suit from the American firm real soon.

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