Monday, April 25, 2016

The Rare Magpul Ronin

Magpul Ronin
Everyone knows that firearms manufacturers generally stick to one trade—firearms. Ruger doesn’t build planes, Winchester doesn’t engineer automobiles, and Remington doesn’t build motorcycles. Interestingly, one arms company does dabble in transportation however, Texas-based Magpul.

The results are frankly staggering. Meet the Ronin 1125R, a bike named after the legendary master-less Japanese warriors, built by Ronin Motorworks (established by Magpul execs), and born from the last of an American breed.

In 2009, the Buell Motorcycle Company closed its doors for good, the result of Harley-Davidson (its parent company) streamlining its brand in the wake of financial downturn. In 2010, Buell dealers offered a selection of remaining bikes up for sale. Magpul answered (with a plan in mind), and the Ronin project is the surreal byproduct.

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