Monday, April 18, 2016

Hailee Steinfeld Is Passionate With Her Filipino Roots

Hailee Steinfeld's Filipino Roots
Promising actress Hailee Steinfeld is happy to finally be able to visit the Philippines, especially since her Filipino root has always been a subject of interest since she was a child.

As reported on Push, the artist, who appeared on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" recently, revealed previously that her grandfather from her mother's side, Ricardo Domasin, is half Filipino, and that her great grandfather came from Bohol.

"The Philippines has been a topic of conversation in my family for years, so it's incredible that it's my music that finally brought me here," she said.

The actress added that although she is thousands of miles away from home, she still felt at home in the country. Steinfeld disclosed that she has been made aware very early on of how passionate Filipinos could be, and that she felt connected in a way to the same passion. "As little as there is in me, I really do feel so connected to the culture and to being here," she said.

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