Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tesla Model 3 Will Cost $25K

Tesla Model 3
According to a report published by Bloomberg last 9 February, Tesla Model 3 will cost US$ 35,000. But that’s before any tax subsidies, which could easily knock the actual price a consumer pays for the car down to a modest US$ 25,000.

"We can confirm it’s US$ 35,000 before incentives," Tesla spokeswoman Khobi Brooklyn told Bloomberg. "We haven’t changed our minds."

In order to put this price into perspective, consider the fact that Americans are willing to spend an average of US$ 31,000 on a new car, according to an analysis by Salim Morsy of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The only car of a comparable size to the Model 3 with more than 100,000 annual sales and a price point of US$ 35,000 is the BMW 3 Series.

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