Friday, March 11, 2016

Is DC Relaunching Its Comics?

DC Relaunched
According to Bleeding Cool, DC Comics may be renumbering their comics, starting with new number one issues, this summer.

Aside from the addition to shipping bi-weekly, DC Entertainment is going to give their comic book line a fresh coat of paint.

The rumor also suggests that DC is looking to refocus the line to reflect their growing movie and television line up. Expect lots of Harley Quinn, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad, probably a fair amount of Green Arrow and The Flash, and likely not much else.

Note that nothing in the rumor suggests a continuity reboot, like with "Flashpoint" and the "New 52." The universe, by all indications, will continue to exists as is, it's just the books themselves that will be reshuffled.

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