Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Celebrities Rally Support for Kesha

Kesha vs Dr. Luke
Following a court ruling last 19 February, celebrities have been speaking out and showing support for the pop singer Kesha.

Justice Shirley Kornreich for the Manhattan Supreme Court denied Kesha's request for a temporary injuction that would abolish her exclusive Sony record contract with music producer Dr. Luke, who Kesha claims emotionally, sexually and physically abused her during their 10-year working relationship.

Dr. Luke holds Kesha's exclusive recording contract at his label Kemosabe under Sony, however, Kesha says she is too afraid to work with Dr. Luke, who's full name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald.

Kesha also claims that though Sony offered to let her work with another producer, they will not promote her if she does so, leaving her tied to her alleged rapist.

After the court decision, many celebrities and musicians voiced their opinions, using the hashtag #FreeKesha.

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