Saturday, January 30, 2016

Marvel Could Bring Them Back To Life

Marvel Universe
The comic world was in full-speculation mode these past few days after Marvel released a teaser simply stating "Dead No More.," These three simple words are heating up the conversation online on who will be the next character that will be brought back to like after Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting brought back Bucky Barnes a decade ago.

Some more hints are expected on Free Comic Book Day, with one of Marvel's two offerings on 7 May including a story by a top-secret creative team kicking off the "Dead No More" story.

There are a number of Marvel legends on the deceased list that could make a huge impact if brought back to life - here are the three candidates which are good bets to be featured in "Dead No More":
  1. Charles Xavier - After he was killed by a Phoenix-corrupted Scott Summers "Avengers vs. X-Men," his school was split in two and his X-Men were caught up in a struggle that shook his dream to its foundation. With the mutant race dying out as a result of the Inhuman-generating Terrigen Mists spreading across the planet, Xavier could be the savior his people are looking for.
  2. Wolverine - Born James Howlett, Wolverine hasn't been dead for long, but already, the Marvel Universe is a very different place. Old Man Logan has taken the traditional Wolverine's place in the X-Men, while X-23 has adopted the yellow-and-blue suit and iconic name of Marvel's most famous Canadian in "All-New Wolverine."
  3. Captain Mar-Vell - The original Captain Marvel suffered one of the of the most memorable Marvel deaths, succumbing to cancer, Mar-Vell went to his grave with a dignity not afforded many heroes. The Kree-born defender of Earth inspired a number of heroes to take up the name Captain Marvel and fight for justice all over the cosmos. Years ago, during "Secret Invasion," Marvel teased the resurrection of its original Cosmic Protector.

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