Thursday, January 7, 2016

Is Tyga a Pedophile?

Tyga Asking a Minor
Everyone who were tuned in to their television sets on 5 January 2016 knew that it was a sad state of affairs for a white fourteen-year-old girl who was forced to hold a press conference in order to deny claims that she had a romantic relationship with a 26-year old black rapper, Tyga.

But that’s exactly what happened when a Year Nine student opted to waive her right to anonymity in a bid to stop harmful rumors that the rapper had cheated on Kylie with her.

Known simply as 'Molly', the teen appeared alongside celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and was clearly emotional as she read out a statement regarding the rumours on camera.

The speculation began when US OK! magazine published a private Instagram exchange between Molly and Tyga, pixelating an image of Molly alongside the article - with Molly revealing that she never gave permission for any of the images to be used.

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