Monday, January 11, 2016

Anti-Theft Bag Lauded

Anti-Theft Bag
A simple redesign of the traditional backpack that moves the outer zippers against the wearer's back to keep thieves at bay is collecting accolades left, right and center for its smart design.

After raising nearly four times her original goal of £42,200 (US$ 62,470 USD) in a Kickstarter campaign that was launched a year ago, Briton Sarah Giblin has made her dream of creating a more secure backpack a reality, with shipments of her anti-thief RiutBags delivered for its first holiday season.

The idea is simple: the backwards backpack hides zippers and pockets from prying fingers by moving them to the back of the bag.

"The person behind you can get into your backpack more easily than you can. That's an unnerving design fault in our busiest towns and cities, travelling with expensive devices which access even more valuable data," wrote Giblin on her Kickstarter page.

"So I turned the backpack round. No outer zips; they're all against your back."

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