Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Worst Car of the Year

Mitsubishi Mirage
What makes a car so bad that it is considered as one of the worst cars of 2015 bu Consumer Reports? An insufferably noisy cabin. A spine-jolting, kidney-quivering ride. Underwhelming fuel economy. Wobbly and vague handling.

Some cars even manage to have all of those downsides. Those vehicles that are clearly deficient in multiple areas earn scores well below the norm for their class, but the worst in its class is no other than the Mitsubishi Mirage.

The Mitsubishi Mirage lives up to its name. While its low US$ 16,000 sticker price and good fuel economy of 37 mpg overall might conjure up an inviting image of a good, economical runabout, that illusion quickly dissipates into the haze when somebody drives this tiny, regrettable car.

The Mirage is powered by a small, vibration-prone three-cylinder engine. Handling is so clumsy, it feels scary. To lure customers, Mitsubishi primed the pump with a rather impressive list of standard features. But the car is far too slow and noisy, even for a cheap subcompact.

If, for some reason, somebody is still intrigued, the freshened 2017 model (which goes on sale this spring) will be offered with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The company also claims that the car's handling and brakes are upgraded, with enhanced shock absorbers and bigger brakes.

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