Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hilarious Bruce Jenner Holiday Ad

Team Cranium
Ever since Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn graced the cover of Vanity Fair in June, he has been the butt of jokes, ranging from hilarious slights about her body to a US$ 75 Halloween costume marketed to cisgender men. With Christmas around the corner, a New Zealand company decided to exploit the Olympian’s image to offer well wishes for the holidays, using text many found funny.

The billboard featured Jenner in her Vanity Fair bustier and a photoshopped-on Santa hat. "I hope your sack is fuller than mine this Christmas. Merry Christmas from Cranium," read the accompanying copy.

It was absolutely amusing, but some minority groups wants to ruin the fun for everyone by asking the company to take the ad.

Earlier communications between an upset individual and the company director, Phillip Garratt, put the complainant in her proper place in the societal norms.

"I have gay and transgender friends. I think you may need to take a look at yourself and relax a bit and not take life so seriously," Garratt wrote in an email response to a complaint, which somebody named Rebecca Jones posted on Facebook. Straining credulity, he claimed the ad "was referring to a Santa sack and your sick mind is the problem."

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