Friday, December 25, 2015

Carol Danvers is Finally Back!

Carol Danvers
To all comic purists and enthusiasts who are tired of seeing their favorite characters turned inside out by unwanted "political correctness"police, writers have started to heed your call to go back to the original source.

After seeing Captain Marvel turned into a character nobody wants, an (illegal) immigrant from Pakistan, writers are bringing back Carol Danvers.

It appears that Danvers has been pretty busy in that mysterious eight month gap between the end of Secret Wars and relaunch of the All-New, All-Different Marvel titles. She's been part of the Avengers for some time but now it looks like she's heading up a new version of Alpha Flight.

From Marvel:
"Strap in, suit up and take flight True Believer! The Captain is back and she is dialing it up a notch. Today Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 – the high-flying new ongoing series! Calling all Carol Corps members! Marvel’s Agent Carter Executive Producers and Showrunners Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters make the jump to Marvel Comics to pen the explosive adventures of Carol Danvers alongside fan-favorite artist Kris Anka (Uncanny X-Men)!

It’s a bold new frontier for Earth’s Mightiest Hero as she soars to new heights on her most daring mission yet – head of the all-new Alpha Flight space program. As Earth’s first line of defense, Carol and Alpha Flight protect the planet from any and all threats the deep void of space can throw at them. With a space station and an entire fleet at her command, if you come here looking for trouble, you won’t know what hit you! But is Carol ready to be a soldier and a diplomat at the same time? Especially when an unknown enemy emerges she can’t quite punch.

Hero. Pilot. Avenger. Leader. The next evolution of Carol Danvers begins this fall as she blasts off once again in CAPTAIN MARVEL #1!"

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