Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why Spider-Man Bought The FF4 Building

Peter Parker Baxter Building
Marvel’s first family are notoriously absent from their "All-New, All-Different" universe. Sue Storm and Reed Richards are gone. Johnny Storm works with the Inhumans, the Thing with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Even their former home is now owned by Spider-Man. But it turns out Peter Parker had a good reason for it.

The Amazing Spider-Man #3 showed that Johnny Storm was furious from what he thought was an inconsiderate move from one of their friends and showed Spidey why he is such a fire brand.

But fun and jokes aside, eventually Peter ditches his Spider-Man persona to show Johnny the real reason he took over the Baxter Building—and in the process, shows him a giant statue in the building’s foyer in honor of the Fantastic Four he had made when Parker Industries took over. Peter didn’t take it over just to annoy Johnny (and as the preceding dust-up showed, he’s already pretty damn great at doing just that), he did it to essentially sit on the Baxter Building until its owners can come and reclaim it.

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