Sunday, November 29, 2015

Could Superman's Life Get Any Worse?

Superman De-powered
Everyone who has been following the Superman comics recently, should know that he’s having a hell of a rough time. He’s been de-powered, the world hates him, and he's even had to get a new secret identity after Lois Lane outed Clark Kent as the Man of Steel. But it seems like DC aren't quite done kicking Superman just yet.

Small spoilers ahead for Superman #46, by Gene Luen Yang, Howard Porter, and Hi-Fi.

Superman's rough few months has seen the Man of Steel move to Oakland in an attempt to put his life as Clark Kent behind him—as well as keep the people who knew him safe, now that his identity is out in the open. He’s found an enclave of super-powered beings running a faux-wrestling circuit to latch on to, and in the process, it’s the happiest (and most popular) Superman has been for quite some time now.

But will he remain there? Jimmy Olsen, who like Clark, got fired from the Daily Planet (because he knew Superman’s secret identity and didn’t tell his boss Perry White), has been trying to track Clark down, in order prove to the world that Superman is a good person. Will Clark follow Jimmy back to Metropolis?

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