Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alaskan Defends Naughty Eskimo Jenner Costume

Eskimo Jenner
The Huffington Post is again patrolling the online skies to impose its definition of political correctness on everyone. Their latest victim is Kylie Jenner's Halloween costume.

Jenner dressed in a fur-trimmed, all-white costume with a platinum wig for a Halloween party. The 18-year-old dubbed the look "Eskimo" and "Snow Princess" on Instagram.

As expected The Huffington Post found something wrong with the costume by noting the "problematic nature of cultural appropriation and the offensive roots of the term 'Eskimo'".

Fortunately, everyone disagrees with the bias critic, including noted Alaskan Bristol Palin, who took to her Patheos blog to defend Jenner.
"Well, as a person born and raised in Alaska (born on Alaska Day, no less) who is also part Yup’ik, let me say this. I’m not offended! In fact, I’m flattered that you think Eskimos looks [sic] this chic. I think “cultural appropriation” Halloween guides are a joke, I think people need to lighten up, and I think you look great!"

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