Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Smallest Camper

Smallest Camper
Acamper and a tricycle combo is something that everyone thinks is hard to develop, but it has been done .... conceptually.

The Bufalino is basically the ultimate adventure trike for grownups who hit the open road — or prep for the zombie apocalypse. In addition to being adorable, it offers storage, a sleeping area, a mini-office (OK, a micro-mini-office), and even a sink and stove. (Bathroom sold separately.)

Industrial design student Cornelius Comanns started with a classic Piaggio Ape 50 three-wheeled scooter and then created a digital mockup of his dream one-man camper.

It’s just a concept, alas, but perhaps someday it will hit the open road. Since it doesn’t yet exist, we can only suppose the top speed is … leisurely. The standard Piaggio Ape has a 175-cc engine and won’t crack 40 mph.

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