Friday, October 2, 2015

The Rare Ford GTX1

Ford GTX1
After the last Ford GT was released, a convertible version called the GTX1 appeared at the SEMA show. While Ford never put it into production, Genadi Design Group took orders and modified a handful of Ford GTs to be convertibles with some slight power-train modifications.

Amazingly rare, these are some of the most sought after Ford GTs that were ever built. Now, one is for sale in the Middle East at Topline Motors. What you have here is a Ford GT with 0 miles on the odometer, which means it's lived a pretty easy life. It also has unique paint, a removable roof, and an extra 150 horsepower thrown in to get to a nice, even 700.

The price tag for this unique GT convertible is a staggering US$ 460,000, but this is the kind of car that won't be getting any cheaper.

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