Monday, September 14, 2015

The Thighbrow Challenge is On

Thighbrow Trend
First we had the thigh gap and then the sexy collarbone challenge where women were stacking coins in their collarbone to see how pronounced it was. Now, we’ve moved on to the arguably equally attractive age of the thighbrow.

The good-looking straight males has decided that all ladies should now be paying attention to the crease created when the thigh meets the hip. Apparently it looks like an eyebrow – hence the name "thighbrow."

Women are taking photos of themselves in swimsuits kneeling or lifting their legs up to create this lusted-after crease and sharing their thighbrow online for all to see.

Kardashians' Thighbrow
Fortunately, this is one trend that women of all shapes and sizes can get involved in – they don’t need to be super skinny (like the thigh gap faze), but it sure as hell give them that added attractive factor. It is a social media trend that will no doubt make young girls and women feel below the par if they can’t achieve the perfect thighbrow.

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