Saturday, September 12, 2015

Now What? An Asian Hulk?

Asian Hulk
Is Marvel's "Secret Wars" really a secret war against white male comic book characters?

Marvel recently revealed that a Korean-American character would become the new Hulk in the upcoming "Totally Awesome Hulk."

The character, Amadeus Cho, will be a familiar one to fans of Hulk and the Avengers. According to Cho's fictional character history, he's a teenage genius (purported to be one of the smartest humans in the Marvel universe) who quickly befriends the Bruce Banner Hulk after the latter saved his life.

Marvel Comics has been replacing their white comic book characters as of late with minority characters.

Their new Avengers book features five new characters that have replaced original white characters as well.

After Captain Marvel, Thor, Captain America and now Hulk, who's next? Iron Man?

This isn't "diversity". Diversity would be introducing NEW and varied characters with their OWN ORIGINAL POWERS and ORIGINS who happen to be Asian, female, black, handicapped, a homosexual goat or whatever.

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