Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Is Apple Really Building a Car?

Apple Car
Several rumors surrounding Apple’s alleged expansion into the auto industry with its own car, codenamed Project Titan, have been percolating for years. And with a recent report that Apple will have its car ready by 2019, those rumors are gaining more steam than ever.

Of course, given that this is Apple, we won’t know for certain the company’s doing a car until said vehicle actually rolls onto a stage in Cupertino. But, still, we have clues. Here are the latest and most credible rumors, reports, whispers, and tidbits.

The most recent rumor about a potential Apple Car comes by way of the venerable (if not 100 percent reliable) Wall Street Journal, which reports that Apple wants to ship its own car by 2019. That’s just four years from now, and that timeframe sounds incredibly ambitious.

Still, it could be doable, as The Journal says that Apple has tripled the number of people working on its automotive initiative from 600 to a whopping 1,800.

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