Tuesday, September 8, 2015

For Men, Orange is the New Black

Orange Car
Men and women have very different taste, especially when it comes to cars. While women sees gold, men see orange, brown and yellow. Men lean more towards the bright, bold and flashy colors for the vehicles they buy.

A new study finds that orange, brown and yellow are the colors men have developed a strong preference for over the last year. Women, on the other hand, remain wedded to traditional gold, silver and beige.

"These study results could suggest that women are more practical in their choices. For the most part, they may just want to buy a reasonably priced car that safely drives them around," said Phong Ly, co-founder of the used vehicle website iSeeCars. "On the other hand, for men, perhaps they may be a bit more idealistic about cars, preferring something that has speed and is fun to drive."

To come up with its color trend study, the website looked at 30 million used vehicle listing, while also analyzing the requests that shoppers made. The results were then broken down by gender.

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