Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chance Photo Captured Hidden Beauty

Chance Photo
Being beautiful certainly has its perks and benefits. By taking care of your face and body, fame could follow and with it monetary benefits.

This is what a city gardens worker in the capital of Tajikistan was hoping after a chance picture of her taken by a visiting Romanian photographer.

Internet and local TV reports about 19-year-old Munira Mirzoyeva's inclusion in the Atlas of Beauty — an online compendium of the diversity of straight female beauty around the world — has made her readily recognizable on the streets of Dushanbe where she plants flowers.

She hopes this newfound fame will help rescue her from relative poverty. She wants to resume her studies so she can get a job better suited to supporting her family in the former Soviet nation in Central Asia, where she shares a one-bedroom apartment with her parents and four younger siblings.

"If the chance presents itself, I will definitely continue my studies, because that is my biggest dream," Mirzoyeva said. "I like my job as a gardener, but because I don't have the opportunity, I cannot study. But if I get the chance, I will definitely do it."

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