Thursday, August 20, 2015

'MacDonald's Goddess' from Taiwan

MacDo Goddess
Who can resist the woman in Taiwan who was dubbed as the 'McDonald’s Goddess?"

It appears most men's heart melts whenever they are in the presence of Wei Han Xu whose striking looks has been the cause of a surge of sales at a Taiwan branch of the fast food restaurant.

Wei has become an Internet icon after pictures of her, including the one above, were shared online by blogger RainDog.

Photos showed her serving customers and buttoning up her shirt while she stood behind the counter.

Rather than wearing an unflattering work outfit, Xu is seen wearing a short skirt and fierce high-heel shoes as she cleans the counter and serves up Big Macs.

Smitten fans became obsessed with finding out where their McDonald’s goddess worked and they poured into the restaurant once they found out.

Doll-like Xu - who is also known as WeiWei - is fine with the fame, having already appeared on Taiwanese game shows.

The pretty fast-food worker has also worked as a model and is only too happy to pose for more pictures.

McDonald’s restaurants in Taiwan are known for employing attractive women to work in their stores, and often encourage them to dress up, according to Rocket News.

Female staff have been known to wear maids’ dresses and sailor uniforms for the past two years.

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