Sunday, August 16, 2015

FireChat Made Chatting More Affordable

There is a way out of exorbitant roaming charges, overpriced international data packages, or spotty internet coverage.

FireChat is the perfect travel app, allowing users to send and receive text messages entirely without data or internet thanks to something called mesh networking.

Basically, mesh networking allows users to communicate wirelessly by bouncing their message from one phone equipped with FireChat (within 210 feet of you) to another via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antennas.

If there aren't any connections nearby, messages are stored until they can be sent. And don't worry: Messages will be encrypted, so only the intended recipient will be able to read them. The message then keeps bouncing from phone to phone until it reaches said recipient — and to cross oceans, for example, it'll hop from phone to phone until it reaches one with internet, then making its way to its final destination like any other message.

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