Friday, July 24, 2015

Jacobs Defends Nicole's Vogue Cover

Nicole in Vogue
When you get to see the cover of Vogue, it reminds you of the world of fashion, glamour and style. But when a photo of Nicole Kidman graced the August cover, critics did not see any of those three after they observed the actress' uncomfortable expression. However, Styleite reports that Marc Jacobs found himself inadvertently in the line of fire when he reposted the cover on Instagram to promote it since Kidman was wearing one of his designs.

After reading the words "Amazing....she looks miserable though," Jacobs immediately jumped into the commenting fray to defend Kidman. "All you haters... When were you last given a cover of Vogue?" Jacobs typed out. "Damn people have a lot of negative energy..!!" Of course, the conversation then quickly devolved into a discussion of whether or not random people can or can't air their honest opinions on Jacobs's Instagram feed.

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